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Saturday 12 April, 2014

USA tour and Muscle Fitness Mag!

By the beard of st Agustus and his marching brass band of reptiles America was fun! 

I Have now returned to royal Britannia to insert my dominance in every gym I should step foot in by lifting weights the gods themselves would brake a sweat at! 

America was mad crazy; NYC, Miami ,Washington D.C (twice!!), Boston and LA ! Every place was naughty with a different kind of spice. I must say though for all the single guys out there Boston and Miami are the spots to hit if you wanna party harddddddd!  Album with pics from my appearances, parties and hosting gigs will be on the gallery section soon...

The king will also be going down under to the land of Australia mid April yesssss!!!! Don't actually even think there ready for what is about to come. More info on the Oz tour coming soon.

For me now though I've hung up my dancing shoes for the time being, time to detox and cleanse the system! Yes yes for anyone that follows me on FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/davemac85), you will see me say this often but I actually mean it now lol. You'll see you'll all see (David shakes fist).

The summer weather is nearly upon us, so u better know what time it is!!! Yep that's right short shorts and vest time, you know da score boys and girls. I wanna see extra loud colours think retro 80's.

But more pressing news people. In the Uk this week I just smashed  a naughty commando circuit for muscle and fitness magazine, with one of the Harrison twins.  A total all over body blast, check out the video and get it involved. The circuit will be featured in Junes issue. 

Quick bit of info reference training. Pick a muscle group this week and for the next following 2 weeks I want you to train that muscle  3 times a week, and at the end of the 3 weeks try and get a P.B in an exercise for that muscle . For example Monday I'll smash a bad ass leg session, Wednesday and Friday after the end of my workouts, I'll also do another leg exercise say squats then next time I'll do lunges. So after 3 weeks ur legs should be the real deal devil dawg style and you should be able to push out a P.B.

Well peeps stay sexy, fresh and loud! Oh and keep ur eyes open for new training plans coming soon in May. Ohhhh you are gonna luvvvvvv them 

Adios amigos


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