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Thursday 08 May, 2014

New Zealand, Australia and Canada!

The pearly horn of hades has been blown and the voluptuous figures of his seven serpent brides cartwheel us into the summer months of winter!

Yes that makes completely no sense but it's a metaphor. A metaphor that means summer is upon us and we should live like the sun burns, Bright and energetic, minus the extremely hazardous radiation, seriously it's  frazzled many an astronaut.

The past month has been one to remember. I King David Mcintosh have gotten engaged, yes I'm off the market, but to that end I've decided to release a range of blow up dolls to comfort those who are heart broken with such news.

My global escapades this month have taken me to the other side of the world. The beautiful New Zealand and my home away from homes Sydney Australia. It wasn't just partying I'll have you all know! Hmmmm OK OK it kind of was but I actually got some new artwork on my skin. Yes I was lucky enough to get inked up, by the super talented Iva Chavez who you can find at platinum ink studio Sydney. If any of you guys are out in Sydney make sure to visit MVP at HOME
Nightclub u will have a bad ass time.

Loving a bit of the tabloids and there crap this month!  They do actually make up complete lies. Apparently whilst I was in Sydney I was also in London at a sex club watching Mary Poppins pull an umbrella out her coochie. 1st of all, I don't have a teleport. 2nd of all, is that even humanly possible to stuff an umbrella up there? if so I'm very impressed. The press makes up false stories about the smallest of things and also the biggest, quite a sinister cooperation if I must say so.

A must watch film guys, which is now off the cinemas,  is Lone Survivor wow!  Amazing true story. You will do that thing, that you humans do all the time, I believe crying is the word.

The mcintosh rant of the month is..... Will guys and girls stop trying to send me nasty pictures on Facebook! I don't wanna see your legs in a kimbo or bent over on all fours  Lol  PS. There are loads of fake facebook pages including a fan page.... that's not me! My only face book is: www.facebook.com/davemac85

Canada, Toronto is next on the hit list! Taking things to new found levels with "Americas most wanted" Ladies event I am hosting ohhhhhh weeee ladies I'm not quite sure how to put it, but it's gonna be spicy real spicy.


Mothers day weekend 9th and 10th of May, MTV USA will be in the building! 

Adios for now!!!!!!

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