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Saturday 28 June, 2014

David Mcintosh rocks it out on Jennifer Hudson new music video "Walk It Out"!

Walk it out....walk it out.... with a six pack and jawline to match ... Dave Mac gonna put Chicago on da map...sweet boy, sweet boy... I'm a real sweet boy!
That's my verse that was meant to be in the video. Jennifer actually promised it would make the track sidelining timberland! We all laughed as we were so excited, but now I figure they was laughing at me WOW people can be so cruel... 
Ok let's cut to the chase. Yes I got blown off two, maybe even three times by Chicago's finest daughter J HUD, but in the end with my smooth lines and naughty ass ride I managed to win her over and take her for an all expenses paid meal at Applebee's.  Let that be a lesson to all you fellas out there, if a woman blows you off numerous times try and try again eventually she'll get bored and say yes!! It's a fail proof method tried and tested.
 Also in the video you got a little glimpse of my basketball skills. I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty damn good. I have shooting average of 10% meaning 10% of the time I get the ball in every time. So quite possibly you may see me scoring some hoops with the Miami Dolphins this year! 
On a final note, I would like to give a big thank you to Jennifer Hudson and her team who were fabulous. It was a pleasure working with you guys, and America I'm not finished the UK's finest son is coming back for more...
Peace and Love 
PS. Check out the full video below and get Jennifer's new single from upcoming album "JHUD" coming in August 2014.
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