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Saturday 09 August, 2014

USA visit recap and BET Awards performance!

Lords, lady's and distinguished ants. I come to you from my sunny home in Manchester the UK's greatest city I'll have you know.
I've so had my day with Hollywood. Being invited to pool party's every other day fully loaded with high end chicks and free alcohol is just so boring. The other night I bounced to the local boozer with princess Brook for a quiet beverage but just as I was about to sample my perfectly balanced patron and grapefruit I was rudely interrupted by Jaime Fox jumping up on a table and smashing out some excelent vocals.  I mean come on that's just too much. I'd sooner prefer a warm pint of fosters and packet of pork scratchings down at the King Billy, whilst watching fat Pauline belt out a bit of meatloaf on the karaoke.
BET Awards afterparty Jennifer Hudson hosted at Chateau Marmont's Bar in Hollywood
Also forgot to mention my visit to the 2014 BET Awards! Yes my first mission out in LA was getting on stage with the amazing Jennifer Hudson, obviously I took my shirt off standard procedure. I actually seen tears come from a girls eyes... she was that impressed, witnessing a six pack close up for the first time can be a very emotional experience for a woman. So if you wanna follow suite and get shredded like a carrot get my seven day AB TRAINING PROGRAM from the site store! 
Check out some flix from the BET Awards stage and the afterparty Jennifer hosted at Chateau Marmont's Bar in Hollywood
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