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Tuesday 26 August, 2014

David Mcintosh Joins Celebrity Big Brother UK and gives an EXPLOSIVE performance!

Yessss! David Mcintosh joined the cast of hit show Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014, for those who don't know it is same format of the "Big Brother" show but the housemates are all celebrities... and when egos collide you know there will be drama! Now is the time to support King David and VOTE to Save him from eviction! (UK only) VOTE - UK celebrity Big Brother (mobile) 650 5803. Land-line 0902 044 5803 Or Via BB App. Check out this EXPLOSIVE performance by David showcasing his fitness skills!!!!! 

 If you are unable to see video of performance (been blocked in some countries) watch full episode highlights - (fast forward to 26:30 to see David) to avoid eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house David needed to showcase his talents, although Judge Leslie Jordan seemed impressed he still put David on the chopping block, now its in your hands UK fans! VOTE VOTE VOTE and watch CBB Wednesday August 27th to see what happens! 

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    18:10 15 Oct 2014 paul kelk
    Hey David you are the Bomb! Loveing everything about you :)