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Friday 07 February, 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

Hear thi hear thi the king has just arrived to the USA roll out the red carpet please... Couldn't stay in NYC for too long due to the whack weather as the only outfits I posses are short shorts and vests!



Sooooo what am I doing in America? well its not just pumping iron and sipping on margaritas although that would be fun! I flew in to host "Music Meets Couture" fashion show on Jan 30th which was a red carpet fashion show event with celebrities and pro athletes walking the runway, it was held in Maserati of Manhattan and I had a awesome time hosting it with my beautiful co host @metisha and partners at @creativeedgepr.



Following that I bounced to Miami for my Calendar release party and will be in the states doing a Calendar signing tour so you can catch me in LA soon and hosting fashion week at Washington DC FEB 19! I will be opening the Corjor International Couture Fashion Show at Madame Tussauds museum.... Get your tickets here: corjorinternational-featuring-davidmcintosh.eventbrite.com



I hope everyone has started this year with a Bang (not the sexual kind)!!! I'm talking about hardcore gym sessions and those vegetable juices I keep raving on about! If you wanna party on the weekend fine, get a friend to firemans carry you back to your house because your so wasted for all I care... Just make sure when Monday morning comes your firmly positioned under that squat rack.

If you want to know what im up to then stay tuned to this blog I will be updating it frequently! I'll give you tips on how to get extremley shredded and also if your lucky how to be a real life Casanova. :)
On a serious note I want to thank all my supporters, followers and fans, you guys like totally rock man!!! and I appreciate the love you give me, so stay sexy and fresh and let the king take you on a ride like no other !!

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    16:02 22 Feb 2014 Oliver
    what training advice would you give someone trying to join the marines? :)