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Chest Training Program

You want to become a God of the Bench Press and posses massive strong Chest like Hades himself? David Mcintosh is going to help you achieve a large sculpted chest with this intense yet easy to follow training program:

Intense easy to follow training sessions, clear discriptions - follow while you train.

Printable version as A6 booklet that can fit in your pocket.

iPhone & smart-phone compatible version included.

Bouns Shoulder and Traps session.

Training advice and Nutrition tips. 

Download program PDF directly immediately after you complete your purchase.


After years of training and trying different workout routines David Mcintosh an expert in the fitness field has come up with the formula of the right exercise combinations to maximize your results! a training program that is both simple and super effective that will get you a Massive chest!

 All training programs are downloadable in PDF format for 7 days from the time of purchase and can be saved to your computer or smart-phone. All Downloadable content purchases are nonrefundable.

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Print version requires 3 A4 pages - you fold in twice each page to create A6 size pages, ones folded place together according to page numbers and staple center spread to create booklet.